Learn 5 basic defense moves at the Connected Chamber Women Luncheon Nov. 11

Instructors pictured: Ashley Pomeroy (left), Morgan Henley (top right), Shana DeWent (bottom right) (Photo courtesy of Wyoming-Kentwood Area Chamber of Commerce)

Friday, Nov. 11, the Wyoming-Kentwood Area Chamber of Commerce is having a Connected Chamber Women Luncheon, hosted by the Allendale Chamber. We will be at Main Street Pub, 11240 University Parkway, (off of Lk. Michigan Dr.) Allendale, from 11:30 am-1 pm. Ashley Pomeroy, a certified self-defense instructor will be the Guest Speaker.


Co-Owner of Black Lion Jiu Jitsu, Pomeroy and Blue Belt will teach 5 basic self-defense moves every woman must know in order to successfully defend herself against a bigger, stronger, heavier attacker. Two additional female Jiu Jitsu-trained Blue Belts will demonstrate technique, how to take the fight to the ground, using joint-locks and choke holds and most importantly, how to get away to safety. Knowing these skills could save your life.


Please go to southkent.org for more information and to register.