It’s April 15–so what? Take a wild guess!

Johnny CarsonBy Victoria Mullen


The day after VideoTape Recorder Day is Take a Wild Guess Day.


I kid you not.


Purposefully timed to fall on April 15 to coincide with National Tax Day in the U.S., Take a Wild Guess Day is the brainchild of MENSA-certified genius and “potential fulfillment specialist,” Jim Barber.


Mr. Barber designated this day to shed a light on brilliant leaps of deductions, hunches and plain, old, simple guesswork, the opposite of the precise calculations that are expected on Tax Day.


This is not a plug for Mr. Barber. I do not know Mr. Barber. I’d never even heard of Mr. Barber before I researched Take a Wild Guess Day. But it sounded kind of cool and I thought, what the heck, life is hard enough without something fun, so here you are.


Celebrate it any which way you want. There are no rules.