Historic Dutch Trade Fair is May 7-8 in Holland

historic dutch trade fairThe Historic Dutch Trade Fair is held during the Tulip Time Festival where over 150,000 tulips and Windmill Island’s 18th-century Dutch windmill take a central role. Tulip Time celebrates the heritage of the Dutch who settled Holland, Michigan and the influence of the Dutch who shaped colonial America creating the multiculturalism of colonial society.


Re-enactors will share the stories of those whose lives revolved around trade, including Native Americans, voyageurs, fur traders, merchants, and tradesmen and women. As you wind your way through the historic camp filled with colonial merchants and re-enactors, you’ll learn what Dutch trade items were sought after 200 years ago and have the chance to shop for your own piece of the past to take home.


Historic Dutch Trade Fair
May 7-8, 10 am-6 pm


Lincoln Avenue & 7th Street
Holland, MI 49423