Battle Creek Fantasy Forest transforms tree trunks into works of art, June 16-18

fantasyLeila Arboretum is adding 14 new sculptures during the 2016 Fantasy Forest Art Carve, June 16-18, doubling the number of artworks to see during your next visit. Additional large tree trunks have been brought in to augment the still-standing Ash tree trunk sculptures, and chainsaw and other artists from around the country have been commissioned to complete this free sculpture park.


To date, tens of thousands of visitors have come to see the amazing works of art that now stand where stately Ash trees once lived, but that were destroyed by the Emerald Ash Borer, an invasive insect pest. Current works of art include everything from Bigfoot and a Tin Man to a wizard, and new pieces will run the gamut from a Genie in a Bottle to Paul Bunyan.


The Art Carve is a FREE event that is fun for the whole family. Everyone loves watching the chainsaws carve into tree trunks to create magical creatures and taking pictures next to the giant sculptures.


carving fantasyThe artists include several that compete on national and international levels, as well as some local talent. Returning this year are Gabe LaPeer, Mike Ayers, Tim Klock, Elizabeth Parker, Kimber Thompson, Mark Eckles, Sam Dougherty, Steph Collin, and Jerry Miller. New artists include Alonzo Montoya, Peter Leverentz, and Ron Kane.


Ground has also been broken on the new Fantasy Forest Performance Stage that will be constructed over the next few weeks. The new stage will accommodate solo artists all the way to concert-sized bands, and is expected to make Fantasy Forest one of the coolest music venues in the region. The final segment of the project will also add lighting, trees, a walkway, and other amenities.


This free Art Carve Event is a ‘must-see’ three-day event that will feature live bands, food trucks, a beer tent, and a rare opportunity for the public to see large fantastical sculptures being created by highly talented chainsaw artists.


More details are available on Facebook at Battle Creek’s Fantasy Forest or on the Leila Arboretum website.