On the shelf: ‘Eco-beautiful: the ultimate guide to natural beauty and wellness’ by Lina Hanson

By Kalista Castine, GR Public Library, Main


Here’s the book for those of us who don’t want to invest in all the oils, powders and equipment needed to make beauty products at home.


Starting off with the best foods for our inner beauty, Hanson guides the reader to find the truly “natural” or “organic” products. We must take the time to read the ingredients thoroughly to protect ourselves from the marketing labels. Natural makeup has no added synthetic ingredients like chemical preservatives, colors or fragrances. But, certified organic is better because the ingredients are grown without pesticides.


Recommended eco-friendly products are named and discussed in each chapter: cleansers, moisturizers, makeup, lipsticks, lip balm and more.


There is a chapter for men too.


In less than 200 pages, Hanson covers the subject concisely and also gives a resource guide to eco-friendly suppliers.