Bigger, Better, and More Bargains!

New Goodwill Store Opens in Wyoming

By Janice Limbaugh

The new and improved Goodwill in Wyoming is still on 28th Street, just east of its previous location.
The new and improved Goodwill in Wyoming is still on 28th Street, just east of its previous location.


If you’re hoping to optimize your holiday spirit by saving time, money and doing good deeds, then you’ll want to be at the Goodwill grand opening on 28th Street this Saturday! A 9 a.m. ribbon cutting ceremony by the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce will officially open the doors to Wyoming’s newest store.


According to Jill Wallace, chief marketing officer for the Grand Rapids area stores, the spacious 14,600 square foot facility is a major upgrade over the old Wyoming Goodwill store located just down the street.

An employee unpacks from the move.


“We’re proud to say that this store is LEED certified. Since we are all about reusing, recycling and repurposing, this effort shows that we can ‘walk our talk’,” says Wallace.

Fast Signs employee adds last minute touches with window graphics.


The new store offers more natural lighting, an open floorplan, large fitting rooms and a covered drive-thru donation drop off on the side of the building. “We want to make shopping here as enjoyable an experience as possible,” she says, adding that it has more of a boutique feel to it than the former location. The store’s layout, colors and graphic wall designs work comfortably together to attract bargain shoppers.

New displays add boutique flair.


“When people shop Goodwill they feel good about getting great deals, but they’re really doing something good for the community. And that’s a great feeling to walk away with too,” Wallace says.

Perhaps Mr. and Mrs. Claus will spend this Christmas at your house?


If you’re coming to Saturday’s grand opening, you can expect free refreshments and snacks along with donated new goods at Goodwill prices as a special purchase incentive. And wouldn’t you know that the hottest items right now at most Goodwill stores are holiday decorations – and this store has its share to offer.


Wallace says the new Wyoming location on 28th Street (between Rogers Plaza and Duthler Foods) will ultimately employ 20 people. Goodwill is not only hiring at this location, but at all other locations as well. Pay starts at $8 per hour. Wallace encourages anyone looking for a job to check them out!