When the library closes, the ‘stuffed’ animals will play


Local Kent District Library branches have a unique event for all those little stuffed furry friends.


The KDL Kentwood (Richard L. Root), Wyoming, and Gaines Township branches will be hosting “When the Library Lights go Out – A Stuffed Animal Sleepover.” Children may bring a stuffed friend to the library and leave it for a sleepover. The next day, they can pick up their friends and see what fun all the stuffed animals had while the library was closed.


animalsThe KDL Kentwood (Richard L. Root) branch, located 4950 Breton Road SE, will have three sleepover events Tuesday, Jan. 17; Wednesday, Jan. 18; and Thursday, Jan. 19. All three are at 10 a.m.


The KDL Wyoming branch, located at 3350 Michael Ave. SW, will have its sleepover Tuesday, Jan. 24, at 6:30 p.m. and the KDL Gaines Township branch. located at 421 68th St. SE, will have its sleepover Thursday, Jan. 26 at 10 a.m.


For more information, visit www.kdl.org.