Speak Up GR: ‘Fake News in the Headlines’ set for Jan. 18


What’s fake news? What isn’t? These days, it’s getting increasingly more difficult to tell.


Now, more than ever, it’s critical to instill best practices that people can use while reading online articles. Americans have been left confused about basic facts of current events due to fake news stories being widely shared. Should it be a platform’s responsibility to help prevent the spread of fake news? How do we instill critical thinking skills in the average American adult population?


Join in an interactive discussion at Grand Rapids Public Library Main Branch, 111 Library St. NE, at 7 pm on Wednesday, Jan. 18 in which panelists will examine how false news stories spread and why people believe them.


Panelists include Grand Rapids Business Journal’s staff reporter Pat Evans, Grand Valley State University educators Eric Harvey and Len O’Kelly, Bridge Magazine’s Ted Roelofs, and GRIID’s Jeff Smith. The Grand Rapids Public Library’s Business Librarian, Steven Assarian, will moderate.


Call 616.988.5400 for more info or go here.