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Get the poop on best birding spots with eBird

redwinged blackbird
Agelaius phoeniceus

Did you know that 89 species of birds have been spotted at the Rivertown Crossings Mall ponds? It’s true. Also spotted: 44 species at the Steelcase prairie and 114 at Byron Lake (southwest of 68th and Burlingame).


Veteran birders already know that Kent County is a treasure trove of species and now you, too, can keep track of who’s been seen where and by whom right here. Birders from across the U.S. flock to the website and then record their sightings. This real-time, online checklist system is pretty darn cool.


Topping the list of best places in Kent County to see winged ones is Reeds Lake. Its marshes, tree-lined shores and boardwalks are irresistible to birds and birders alike. Birders have observed more than 200 species there, according to eBird, the online observation site launched in 2002 by Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology and National Audubon Society. 


When to watch ’em.

Birds are most often seen in the early morning, and also in late afternoon and early evening. You’ll hear them sing in the morning, then go quiet once the sun climbs high.


Of course, weather plays a huge role. Birds are active all day long on cloudy and overcast days. Sunny days, not so much.


For a complete list of birdwatching hotspots in Kent County, check out the latest list on eBird.