The Grand Rapids Choir of Men and Boys–A gift to our community

By any definition, the Grand Rapids Choir of Men and Boys is a gift to the community and to the choristers who sing in it. Revel in the opportunity to see them perform on Friday, December 13 and 14 at, 7:00p.m. at St. Andrew’s Cathedral.  Just as with other very special gifts, tears and smiles bloom when the gift is opened. Listeners are stunned and awed as the first pure notes pour forth the lips of men and boys. Together they wield the power of music to enrich their audiences and to enrich their own lives. For most, singing is a means of expression – a way of drawing out what is in us. At GRCMB, we believe just the opposite: the first and most important outcome of singing is impression. In singing, the truth of this music is drawn into the depths of one’s being rather than out of the depths of one’s being.


Song is valuable because it carries the words inside us (impression), and because it carries us to the inside of the words. Perhaps we simply recognize all too well the discordant inner impulses inside of us. We must learn the way of melody, harmony and rhythm, allowing grace and beauty to draw our fragmented souls into God’s presence. This is the core mission of the work at the Grand Rapids Choir of Men & Boys So, let the concert begin and as the choir processes into the cathedral, thank you again for claiming GRCMB as “Your Choir.”


The concert will feature music composed for centuries of historic occasions at Westminster Abbey.  A new work commissioned by Bob Chilcott will take center stage in addition to carols for Christmas.