Public Museum’s ‘Mindbender Mansion’ extended due to popular demand

By Christie Bender

Grand Rapids Public Museum


The Grand Rapids Public Museum (GRPM) has announced it is extending the popular summer exhibit, “Mindbender Mansion,” now through Sept. 17.  Visitors of all ages enter an eclectic mansion and are challenged with puzzles, brainteasers and interactive games.


Families enjoy exercising their minds as they try to master each of the 40 individual brain teasers and the five group activities in this fun and unconventional exhibit. Visitors to “Mindbender Mansion” are greeted by the wacky Mr. E., master brainteaser and puzzler extraordinaire to explain the mysteries of “Mindbender Mansion,” then set out to gather hidden clues and secret passwords.


Upon completing each of the select brainteasers and group challenges, visitors will see if they gathered the necessary clues and passwords to become a member of the Mindbender Society and add their portrait to the “Wall of Fame.”


“This exhibit has been very popular this summer, and we are excited to offer the community an extended chance to visit!” said Kate Moore, VP of Marketing and PR at the GRPM. “Mindbender Mansion” is great for all ages, with puzzles and games for young kids and teens, and even stumping adults on some of the brainteasers.”


Admission to “Mindbender Mansion” is $10 for adults and $5 for children, $7 for Kent County resident adults and $2 for Kent County resident children, and free for Museum members. Visit for tickets and more information.


Throughout the exhibit visitors find a combination of tabletop brainteasers they can solve on their own and larger group challenges that require assistance from their fellow mansion guests.


“Mindbender Mansion” was produced and is toured by the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, Portland, Oregon.