Newest Wyoming Firefighter passionate about saving lives

 By Pat Riley

Bryon Butcher is one of several new Wyoming firefighters.
Bryan Butcher is one of several new Wyoming firefighters.

From an early age Bryan Butcher knew what he wanted to do.   His dream has become a reality as he was recently hired to be the newest firefighter with the Wyoming Fire Department.

“When I was a little boy I played with toy fire trucks.  I would also visit the fire station and play on the real trucks, with the fire gear and hats,” he said enthusiastically.

His grandfather was the chief fireman in Kalamazoo and really played an important role in his life.

The urge to become a fireman grew stronger as he grew older.  When Bryan became an adult, he tried to make his dream come true.  Endeavored to keep his dream alive he landed a job in Denver, CO.  He worked there for nine years before being hired at Wyoming.  He also had jobs at a Nuclear Plant in Bridgeman, MI and was a State of Michigan Fire Safety Officer.

Bryan is an award winner.  He has received numerous unit citations and merit awards for going beyond the call of duty. 

“It’s really rewarding saving lives,” he said. “But you never know how many lives you would save until you start doing the job.  Every firefighter has moments when people would die while we are in the line of duty.  You could have rescued them out of the fire but the smoke from the fire would cause death.”

Bryan enjoys spending time with his family of two children and his wife Michelle.  She has the same passion as he does for saving lives while being a nurse in West Michigan.

The Wyoming Fire Department is proud of their recent hire whose dedication, professionalism, and integrity are greatly appreciated.

“Everyone here at the station are family.  We all have such a closeness,” he remarked.

He is grateful and thankful for his new position and hopes to remain there until he decides to retire.

The City of Wyoming also welcomed Kyle Visser–who was previously a fire fighter in Grattan Township and Plainfield Charter Township.  Chris Velzen and Joe Jones were both promoted from the position of fire fighter to the position of fire lieutenant.  Both Velzen and Jones have been with the City of Wyoming since 1995.