Local Non-profit makes a difference for Women at Risk

By Jessica Rowland
Women at Risk
 The WAR Chest Boutique is a non-profit store-front operated by Women At Risk, International giving people a permanent location to shop a variety of unique gifts made by the precious rescued and at-risk women who flow through our programs in over 40 countries around the world, including the United States.
Come in and be an active participant in our mission statement of creating circles of protection around women and SHOP WITH A PURPOSE!
The store is also open upon request for PRIVATE PARTIES where you and your family/friends/co-workers can come in and learn more about the programs of Women At Risk, International and support our cause!


WAR Chest Boutique Wyoming
(616) 530-1234

2790 44th St
Wyoming, MI 49519
WAR Chest Boutique Rockford
(616) 863-0100
25 Squires St. Square NE
Rockford, MI 49341


Women At Risk, International (WAR, Int’l) is a U.S.-based, non-profit organization. We currently work in over 31 countries creating havens of safety and healing for at-risk women and children. Our purpose and passion is to give voice to the silenced cries of the oppressed, wrap arms of love around them, and whisper messages of purpose and dignity into their brokenness.


Through culturally sensitive, value-added intervention projects and programs, WAR, Int’l offers these women and children an opportunity to live life with dignity. Although specifically known for our fight against human trafficking and rehabilitating work with trafficking victims, WAR, Int’l addresses 14 different risk issues facing women and children today.


This is what we would like to tell you about how your shopping helps us:


Dear Precious Fellow Soldier (really shopper):


Each time you buy a gift (for another or yourself) made by a rescued or at-risk woman or even a WAR, Int’l book where the sales go to helping a woman, you are a fellow soldier.  You just jumped in the trenches with me and grabbed a baby, a woman, a child who is  hiding there waiting for us to sneak with them to a safe place. 


I have been at this battle long enough to know that if we do not give a woman a way to make a living, she will crawl out of the trench looking for food for her  family.  If she doesn’t, her family or some trafficker will come find her, pull her out, and demand she make them a living.  Rescue is not enough.  Please hear this  clearly.  Those who rescue and do no more, do nothing.  Ninety percent of those rescued in a police raid in Cambodia and sent home without job training get resold.  Rescue is ONLY the start. 


So every time you buy a piece of jewelry, know  with certainty that you just made the process work!  You just helped  not only rescue but restore and empower a woman or child to survive with dignity.  It is that simple.  One safe house grew 500% when we started carrying their jewelry and product. 


Buying the work of their hands gives life and freedom and dignity.  They are not  asking for a handout, only that you enjoy the beautiful works of art they are making. There is dignity for you. You did not give them something for  nothing.  There is greater dignity for them.  They earned the fruit of that beautiful necklace around your neck.  This brings two women together in a very powerful,   primal way.  I have seen women stand and cry as they try on our jewelry.  It is not because the jewelry is high end, excellent quality, and low priced.  It is because of the woman who made it and what the purchase will mean in her life.


When you buy a WAR, Int’l product, you are truly a fellow soldier in the battle of a lifetime to set women and children free from the chains of bondage and slavery. This Christmas when you buy a gift, you just gave the gift of freedom. Imagine that you are handing back to God one of his own who is crying for dignity and worth that he created them to enjoy. 


We are giving the gift of life, hope, and dignity to wounded women with the promise of a future that we will walk beside them in their journey to recovery.  Thank you for being that army!  Shop with joy and purpose!