Local Magazine–Flavor 616–celebrates its first anniversary

By Colleen Pierson


Grand Rapids gained national attention for its award of being named Beer City, U.S.A.  West Michigan continues to attract that same attention for its thriving wine, culinary, produce, brewery, and coffee industries.  One local magazine has captured it all for the past year.


Flavor 616 is a local magazine that focuses solely on what our area has to offer in the culinary/beverage landscape.  It just celebrated its first year of production to the delight of West Michigan foodies.

Photo 3 Flavor 616


It is created by Rod Glupker—CEO/Publisher/Owner and his fiancée Elizabeth Smeigel.


“We don’t want to be like other magazines in town,” Rod explained.  “We have 40 plus writers and 10,000 copies are distributed in more than 400 locations in West Michigan.”


The magazine, in this writer’s opinion, is slick, edgy, and very well-done.  They push the envelope with offbeat humor, glossy images, colorful graphics, bold fonts and content that is different.  The content is Local, Local, Local and shares behind the scenes stories of breweries, popular eats and eateries, wineries, and chef profiles.


“We have great readership and get lots of positive comments.   The growth process has been both a challenge and rewarding one.  You just don’t give up,” Rod shared during a phone interview.   Flavor 616


In fact, Rod and Elizabeth are starting Flavor231 Magazine, which will center on stories from up north Michigan and will hit the shelves in April 2014.  


Rod said the same design team will be used for consistency but they are in search of writers, photographers and advertisers in the 231 area code.


“We will continue to publish the ever popular Flavor616 Magazine for our West Michigan readers!”


Please email Rod at info@flavor616.com for more details.