After second Gezon Park meeting, Wyoming pleased with community response, input

The City of Wyoming Parks and Recreation Department offered three development plan options for Gezon Park which were produced by Johnson Hill Land Ethics Studio. (WKTV/K.D. Norris)

By K.D. Norris


After a more than 90-minute public information meeting Thursday detailing design plan options for Gezon Park, the city is well on its way to deciding a master plan for utilization of about 52 acres of a 94-acre city-owned parcel of land surrounded by neighborhoods and commercial development.


The meeting, attended by about 30 citizens and held at Metro Health University of Michigan Health Conference Center near the park, was the second public meeting on the master plan, and one one survey is in the books and another currently in process.


The initial electronic survey seeking input on recreation facility needs had more than 1,200 responses.


Rebecca Rynbrandt, Director of Community Services for the City of Wyoming, says she is pleased with the level of community input throughout the process so far.


About 30 people attended the the City of Wyoming Parks and Recreation Department meeting on the Gezon Park master plan. (WKTV/K.D. Norris)

Community involvement “continues to be robust,” Rynbrandt said after the Feb. 8 meeting. “After this meeting, we are launching another survey — limited time, though Monday (Feb. 11) — to be able to ascertain from the larger public, those who were not able to be here tonight.


“We want that participation and that transparency,” she said. “I think, when we have that type of public focus, it reaffirms the values the citizens put on parks and recreation in our community.”


Gezon Park, which was a city-owned well field, encompasses about 94 acres between Gezon Parkway and 52nd Street. It has entrances from both Gezon Parkway and 52nd Street. Baseball fields and restrooms are located near the south Gezon Parkway entrance and the 52nd Street entrance has playground equipment and walking trails. Most of the park remains undeveloped, however.


Prior to and at the Thursday meeting, the City of Wyoming Parks and Recreation Department offered three development plan options for Gezon Park which were produced by Johnson Hill Land Ethics Studio.


To see the three options, visit the city’s Parks and Recreation website page.


It was explained at the Thursday meeting that the three presented options are not “pick one” situation but that elements of each could be included in the final plan. Also at the meeting, many citizens expressed they opinion on elements they liked — and didn’t like in the three plans.


While there was general approval of the overall plans for utilization of the park at the meeting, there was also concern expressed about impact on wildlife during and after development, as well as safety within the park at night — especially if the middle of the park gained greater vehicle access. There was also a suggestion of a fenced dog park area.


The second survey is currently in process and can be accessed via this link. This survey is time sensitive, with feedback needing to be received by 5 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 12, according to the city.


After the initial public input process, there will be review and recommendation from Wyoming Parks and Recreation Commission and the Wyoming Planning Commission. The plan will then be presented to the Wyoming City Council for its final approval.




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