5th Annual Networking Sparks Conference set for Feb. 15

Monica Sparks, founder of Networking Sparks LLC

What holds you back from building a beneficial network? Find out… and get challenged!


The annual Networking Sparks Conference and Mastermind Experience theme focuses on building diverse networks by understanding and celebrating individual differences.


A panel of speakers with varying genders, ages, religions and races will challenge attendees to overcome the mental, physical and emotional aspects that hold them back from building a beneficial network. The Networking Sparks Conference also offers six Hours of State of Michigan Continuing Education for licensed Real Estate Agents and Brokers.


Topics & Speakers

  • Delivery Skills: Talking & Texting are two essential communication tools. Unclear communication can lead to misinformation and offenses.
    • Learn to Articulate with Vocal Coach Debra Anderson
    • Net-iquette of Texting Communiqué with Jimmy Le’ Social Dragon Media
  • Network Diversity: Your network should look like the world! Start building a diverse network, with Carmen Villahermosa de Cox of Choice One Bank
  • Dining Savvy: Learn how to respond and network effectively during luncheon and after hour events with Monica Sparks, Networking Strategist


The conference is 10 am-3 pm on Wednesday, Feb. 15th at 333 Bridgewater Place in Grand Rapids, Michigan.