“Be Kind, Be Good”

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Lessons Learned at Marge’s Donut Den

By Chelsae Speiser

From the moment you walk through the door at Marge’s Donut Den the love is felt. Smiling workers, happy customers and not to mention the delicious smell of fresh donuts makes you not want to leave.


Starting out at a young age Marge has always been one to help and care about other people. At 12 years she was volunteering to make bandages for soldiers and going to stores to help feed poor people. “You’re a bi-product of your parents, “said Marge “That’s all I’ve ever known.”

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Marge continues to carry the values she learned from her parents every day. “A community is taking care of your neighbors,” said    Marge. Monthly, she meets with west end business leaders to discuss ways to help the community. Along with that, Marge has a large  jar at the counter to help raise money for wells in Nigeria and hands out a book to customers called “Anthony’s Prayers” that reminds people to be thankful.“I can’t take credit for anything,” said Marge “I think it falls into your lap.” The Nigeria project is something that proves to be something extraordinary. “I’ve had numerous jars for years and no one puts money in it” said Marge “But the wells just keep going and going.”

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“God gives you things and expects you to turn it around and give it to someone else” said Marge “Because why would I ever put a well in Nigeria!”


The warm atmosphere that is in the Donut Den is there because of Marge and the lives she’s touched. “The customers that come into the shop are family,” said a worker.


“One person can set an example for others,” said Marge “but it takes a group of people to make things happen and it will all fall into place.” It all goes back to the saying above the door at the Den. “Be kind, be good”


That’s the way the people at Marge’s Donut Den live their lives everyday.


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