Meet the Citizen Journalism Team

Victoria Mullen

Victoria (Vee) Mullen is a managing editor at WKTV. In addition to writing, she works on news packages and does video editing and graphic design. She has a Masters in Management and is an attorney licensed to practice in the State of Michigan.


Through the years, Victoria has explored many different creative mediums: piano and violin in the 1960s; stained glass, journalism and photography in the 1970s and ’80s; creative writing, painting and mixed-media art since the mid-1990s. In 2003, she began law school and after graduating in 2008 — and while waiting for bar exam results — she took up acting. Victoria also has a background in research, marketing, project management, communications and video editing. In addition, she writes grants for local nonprofits.


She has been with WKTV since September 2015.


 Joanne Bailey-Boorsma

Joanne Bailey-Boorsma is a managing editor at WKTV and oversees the intern program. A graduate of Michigan State University, she has been in the news industry for almost 30 years and has written for a variety of publications including a weekly publication that covered Kentwood and Wyoming.


Her current interests include travel, reading, crafts, visiting locally-owned restaurants and spending time with her family.


She has been with WKTV since February 2016.


Kenneth (K.D.) Norris

Kenneth (K.D.) Norris is a managing editor at WKTV, primarily serving as a writer and researcher for online and video projects at the station. With a long history in print journalism, he also serves as writing coach for interns and community journalists.


He has been with WKTV since late 2016.


To become involved in citizen journalism for Wyoming and Kentwood, contact Joanne Bailey or Ken Norris at WKTV: 616.261.5700. Or, drop by WKTV at 5261 Clyde Park SW, Wyoming, MI, 49509.



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