What’s happening with Wyoming, Mich. roads: A pavement maintenance update

random potholeBy City of Wyoming


Pavement maintenance in the City of Wyoming is a priority this time of year. Final budget numbers indicate that the City spent less on salt and fuel for snowplows this year due to lighter than normal snowfall and warmer temperatures. The money saved will be used on smaller road maintenance activities and larger projects like major resurfacing.


This year, major resurfacing projects include Roger B. Chaffee Memorial Boulevard from 32nd Street to 44th Street and Division Avenue from 54th Street to 60th Street.


The mild winter weather also allowed crews to begin pothole patching earlier than normal. The general pothole repair strategy in the City calls for crews to start on major streets working from the north to the south and then from the east to the west. Crews begin work on local streets when work on major streets is complete.


Two crews of six to eight staff members work on pothole repairs. Depending on weather, traffic-cones-on-streetrepairs on major streets take two the three weeks to complete. Local streets then take an additional two to three weeks. Crack sealing and other pavement maintenance begins after pothole repairs are complete.


Major patching and resurfacing work begins when asphalt plants can begin making hot asphalt. Cold weather can affect production, but generally residents can expect to see those projects starting in May.


Keep an eye on those friendly neighborhood road cones, coming soon to a street near you.