SMG-managed DeVos Place installs new recycling stations as part of ongoing green efforts

SMG recently purchased new recycling stations to place around DeVos Place in order to create a more visual display of the commitment to going green. The new stations are larger, more visible, and feature three separate receptacles to prevent the mixing of materials. The receptacles are currently being installed, and patrons can expect to find them around the building immediately.


Each station is made from over 1,000 recycled milk jugs with a unique number on each station to show how many jugs were used in its creation. They each feature a top-loading design with dedicated receptacles for bottles & cans, paper, and landfill items that cannot be recycled. Additionally, since the stations are made using recycled milk jugs, they do not absorb moisture which makes them resistant to mold for a long-lasting, sustainable unit.


“We’ve had a commitment to sustainability and going green for several years,” said SMG Assistant General Manager Eddie Tadlock. “We are always looking at ways to reduce waste while increasing our sustainability, and this is just another opportunity we have identified to maintain that commitment.”


The new recycling stations around DeVos Place are a component of the convention center’s ongoing dedication to sustainability initiatives to increase energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact. DeVos Place is a part of the Grand Rapids 2030 District, a public- private partnership committed to creating high-performing buildings that improve their environmental impact and strengthen the greater community’s vibrancy. The building is also a regular participant in the Michigan Battle of the Buildings and was recently named a “Biggest Loser” in the Mixed Use category for reducing energy use.