Register by Aug 6 for AARP Drivers Course

elderly-driverDesigned to enhance the driving skills of those 50 and older, this course comprises two four-hour sessions of interactive classroom instruction. No formal testing is done.


A workbook and other materials are provided. Course content includes tips on city and highway driving, the effects of prescription and over-the-counter medications, maintaining a safe following distance, the effects of aging on driving skills, and newer vehicle technologies. (This course was completely revised in 2014.)


You don’t have to be an AARP member to participate. Some insurance companies offer a discount for those completing the course — check with your agent. Go here to register.


Attendance on both days is required to receive your certificate of completion.


Tuesday, August 9 and Thursday, August 11 (2 classes)

$15 AARP members/$20 non/members

Ages 50+: 1-5 pm

Register by August 6.