2016 Michigan Golden Gloves Championship in GR April 9-30

michigan golden gloves2016 Michigan Golden Gloves will hold their 85th annual championships in Grand Rapids on the following dates: April 9, 20, 23 and the state championships on April 29 & 30.

Amateur boxing is the longest running amateur sport in the State of Michigan, and the DeltaPlex Compex hosts the Michigan Golden Gloves Championships for the first time this year.


The Michigan Golden Gloves is a 501(c)(3) youth sport organization offering personal training to young boxers and assistance to other gyms and training facilities throughout Michigan. The organization’s mission statement is: “Building character in youth to go the distance.” Every coach and mentor knows that he has a young person’s future in his hands. Schoolwork cannot be ignored, and personal behavior outside the gym is stringently monitored.


The Golden Gloves has a 75-year history and tradition of helping young people discover inner strength they never knew they had. It began in New York and Chicago, and made its way to Michigan in 1932. The program is all about guiding, producing and mentoring sportsmanship as well as stimulating personal drive and a belief in one’s self. Boxing is just the test of the boxer’s resolves to rise to his or her potential.


Tickets available NOW and range from $10-$40; may be purchased here.


All shows start at 7 pm sharp.


At the DeltaPlex Arena & Conference Center
2500 Turner N.W.
Grand Rapids, MI 49544


Phone: 616.364.9000 or 616.329.3267




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